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There are numerous places in Chania, satisfying all kinds of interests. Exploring thought the wonders of the nature, reliving the ancient and medieval history at museums and archeological sites, or just relax and enjoy the beautiful sun on a sandy beach with crystal water.

You can travel in Chania with public or private bus for the main destinations (public timetables). Although public transportation is 5-10 euros cheaper and location pick up, but agencies bus pick up are closer to the hotels. Also, many public buses departures only early hours which means getting to Chania might need taking a taxi. Renting a car might be 15-20 euros more per day but offers great flexibility. Buses arrive at 11:00 and leaves at 16:00, so the best hour to visit with car, is before 11:00 or after 16:00.

Chania, Crete

Chania is a magnificent town, with its old town, attractions and restaurants. Walking around the narrow alleys of the old Harbor offers a great satisfaction. Visitors can find many shops where can buy all kinds of things. Also there are many delightful restaurants with amazing atmosphere to choose form.

Most sightseeing’s in Chania are in walking distance. The Old Market, archaeological museum, the naval museum, the foclore museum and the Venizelo’s graves, 15 minutes by car, offering an amazing view of Chania from above.


  • The old town
  • Lighthouse
  • Museums (close around 15:00 and have 3 euros entrance fee)
  • Halidon street
  • The hill at Kasteli
  • Splantzia square and St. Nicolas church
  • Agora (Old Market)
  • Halepa(old aristocratic area)
  • Platanias& Agia Marina, west of Chania (Many hotels, shops, bars, Clubs and restaurants)
  • Along the long coastline of Crete you can find many beautiful villages, bays and beaches. All places are unique and promising to glamour you.

Activities in SW Crete:

The village of Paleohora is in between of two vary beautiful beaches. On the west, the beach of Grammeno full of old cedar trees and on the west beaches with small pebbles. A great activity is hike to Anydri village (1 hour). East of paliohora is an ideal beach for nudist called Gyaliskari, for those who want peace and serenity. Sougia is quite village with peddle beach. A hiking destination of Crete is Saint Irene Gorge, 2.5 hours long. You can leave your car at the entrance of the Gorge and when you reach to Sougia take the public bus and ask the driver to make a stop at Saint Irene. In Sougia you can take a water-taxi and reach many beautiful beaches around with 3 euros (depending of weather and number of people). At Sfakia there are very few beaches, although you can hike Imbros, Asfentou and Kalikraktis gorges around 4 hours (2 hours one way). From Sfakia you can drive near by, to some amazing beaches such as Frangocastelo etc.

Elafonisi is located in the south western Crete. It’s like an island but it’s connected with a narrow strip of sand with the beach, making a beautiful lagoon. It is very safe for kids and the waters are crystal clear. It is reachable with car or bus and it takes around 2 hours to get there from Chania. The bus cost 20 euros (24 euros agency’s bus). If you driving, take the national road to Kastelli, Kissamos and a few kilometers before you will see a sign to Elafonissi, follow the signs and you will get there.

Balos and Gramvousa is at the North West end of Crete. Balos is a wonderful lagoon and a little bit away there is the island of Gramvousa. The island facing a glorious castle from the medieval age. Balos is accessable with car, but the road is rough but Gramvousa is not. The most popular way to get there is by ship. You go with car or bus to the port of Kissamos (or Kastelli) and from there take the ship. The ship departs at 10:00, costs 22 euros aller retour and you can buy the tickets from there (no need of reservation). The ship returns around 16:00 and the bus always wait the ship to come back. The little cruise that makes the shio from Castelli to Balos it takes about an hour and it is magnificent. At Balos there’s only one place to eat and drink but there plenty more at Kastelli.

Falassarna is near to Kastelli as well. A long coast more than 5km, at the west of Crete, with amazing sand and crystal waters. There are frequent bus schedules until noon around 13:00. There are many places to eat all along the hill, with great view and nice cuisine.

Samaria Gorge is number one destination for hiking in Crete. It’s a big nation preservation park 10 Km long. Along the Gorge there’s the river of Samaria and that helps a lot because you don’t need to carry large amount of water, just a bottle and you can refill it whenever you want. The Gorge is very well organized with medical assist and other volunteers. Busses depart at 6 and 7:45 in the morning and it is 1 hour trip. It costs 14 euros return ticket and the fee entrance of Samaria is 5 euros. When you pass the Gorge, you will end up at the Village Agia Roumeli. There are many places to eat and rest there, and at the afternoon you will have to take the ship to Sfakia (costs around 10 euros) and take the bus back to Chania.

From Agioi Apostoloi to Agia Lake there’s a beautiful route (doable with bicycle as well) next to the river that comes from Gerani.

There are two monasteries worth visiting, Tsagarolon and Gouverneto. They are only accessible with car. Near by, there’s the beautiful beach of Stavros. There are many buses to this destination at the cost of 7 euros return.

Sfakia is a historical village on the mountain. There are 3 beautiful gorges: Aradena, Imvros and Kalikratis 3-4 hours on way. Important: Bring water!!

At Chania, Crete there are no corals or wrecks, so there is not any spectacular diving activities. Although, cave diving is very nice, especially in south Crete.