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» Area of Agii Apostoli

Agioi Apostoli is a small tourist area, consisting of two bays, and central to these is the picturesque church of the Holy Apostles from where the region gets its name.

At Agioi Apostoli you will find 2 organised sandy beaches surrounded by cliffs that protect them from the strong winds, which makes the beaches ideal for swimming, especially for the younger children.

The hotels in the area are situated close to the beach and this gives the visitors the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing day on the sandy beach of Agioi Apostoli with the turquoise waters and golden sand.

In Agioi Apostoli, you will also find a large grove of pine trees, ideal for those who want to indulge in outdoor activities such as running, cycling etc.

Access to the Agioi Apostoli is feasible using the bus with runs frequently, while many decide to get here by bike since the distance is short.